Our NKB Video “Brand Evangelist” contest is in full swing!! Remember, the deadline is Friday, August 18th, at 5 pm. Fire up those cameras, and TESTIFY!! 😚

See details below!


If you are a past client of NKB, boy oh boy, do we have a great opportunity for you!

You are eligible for this contest ONLY if you have completed a boudoir photo shoot with me by September 1, 2017. (Yes, that means if you haven’t done a shoot yet, you could still enter if you grab one of our last remaining spots in August!)


1. Make a “testimonial” video about your boudoir experience with NKB. The video should describe your photo shoot experience and your photos. Include details about how you felt both before and after your shoot, how your partner (if applicable) reacted to your photos, what you loved most about the whole experience, any advice you may have for those looking to do a boudoir photo shoot, and anything else relevant that you can think of. Be creative and expressive! The best videos are horizontal, and may (optionally) include examples of your photos displayed in some way. Please keep in mind that the video entries must be shareable on social media, so please don’t include any language or images that are not Facebook-friendly! The best video entries are 1-4 minutes long.
2. Send me a private message and I will send you a link to the online contest entry agreement (which you must sign to enter).
3. Share your video on Facebook. You may share it on your personal page, on my personal page, in my private boudoir VIP group (The Goddess Group), or on my business page (extra points for extra shares!)


Grand Prize: A complete boudoir photo shoot experience, with consultation, hair and makeup, image premiere appointment, and a 10-image 5×5 leather-cover album. ($1200 value!)

1st Prize: A complete boudoir photo shoot experience, with consultation, hair and makeup, image premiere appointment, and one high-res digital image. ($680 value!)

2nd prize: A $200 gift card to be used toward a newly-booked boudoir photo shoot, plus a swag bag filled with super-chic branded NKB gear.

ALL ENTRANTS will receive a $100 gift card to be used toward a newly-booked boudoir photo shoot.


* You must have completed a boudoir photo shoot with Natalie Kita Boudoir (NKB) by September 1, 2017.
* Prize may not be redeemed for cash value.
* Prizes are valid only for a newly booked boudoir photo shoot, which must take place in the NKB studio, in Bear, DE, between October 1, 2017 and March 1, 2018.
* You must agree to allow at least one photo each from your past session and the prize-winning session displayed and shared in any and all media by NKB. (You may have input in which photos are used.)
* Video entries become the property of N’Kita Enterprises, LLC. You must agree to this, and to having your video entry displayed in any and all media by NKB.


All entries must be received by 5pm, Friday, August 18.

The contest will be judged by a small panel, including myself, my assistant, and a “mystery” guest judge who is a trusted boudoir colleague. Winners will be notified via social media. If you are not willing to be tagged in posts about the contest, don’t enter!

If you’d like a little inspiration for your entry, feel free to check out the video entries from our last video contest 3 years ago, on our YouTube channel:

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Our Fantasy Shoot Designer is now online!!

Oh summer, you come and go too quickly. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe past few months!! I spent some time in Canada with my family (and my assistant, Tracy), braved some roller coasters with my mini-me, and still found time to hit the pool and beach a few times.

Now that all that relaxing stuff is all said and done (boo hoo!!), we prepare for that special time of year … holiday gift giving!! If you are planning on a boudoir shoot as a gift for your partner (or yourself!), please keep in mind that we start shooting in September, and available dates fill up quickly. In order to be sure you get your images in time for the holidays, the time to book is NOW!!!! Call the studio at (302) 365-5211 or book online at

Gift certificates are also available!! Surprise your love with the best gift ever!!!!
And now for some exciting news!!!!!!!

Check out the new online Fantasy Shoot Designer! Use this guide to plan your perfect boudoir shoot! Contains full pricing info, if you want to plan for your shoot financially as well. Click on the link below!!



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2 Ways 2 Win!!!!

Announcing one of our greatest giveaways ever!!!!!
2 Ways 2 Win!!!

Are you a member of The Goddess Group? It is a private, LADIES-ONLY group, comprised of our current boudoir clients, past clients, and future potential clients of Natalie Kita Boudoir. This is meant to be a fun and safe place to share your own favorite boudoir images, ideas, thoughts on your boudoir experience, and whatever else you want to share to encourage other women and let them know what to expect from a boudoir shoot.
If you are not a member, head on over to and request to join, because you have to be a member to win the grand prize!!

Now the details:

We are giving away a full luxury boudoir photoshoot with one high resolution digital image:

How to enter: ***READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH***

1. Add as many women as you want to The Goddess Group.
(must be over 21 and must be in DE, PA, MD, NJ, or VA)
2. Like this post *required*
3. Comment on this post with the word, “entered”. *required*
4. Ends at midnight on Friday, July 7th at midnight.

The top 5 who have added the most ladies to the group will go into a random drawing for the free photoshoot. The four runner ups will receive NKB swag bag, filled with lots of branded goodies.
Any lady added can also add friends to enter the contest.

Winner will be announced Monday, July 10th on Facebook live at 1 pm, on my personal facebook page:

👉👉 Second way to win!!!!!! 👈👈

Tune into my personal Facebook live on Monday, July 10th at 1 pm, (! We will be answering your questions about everything boudoir. Ask a great question, win a great prize!!!!

Good luck ladies!!!!!!

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The Naked Truth (about your prices)

My newest ebook is officially launched!!!

My pricing ebook for portrait photographers is back from the graphic designer, all pretty-fied and ready for primetime! This book is THE guide to fixing your money mindset, finally getting your pricing right, and actually making money doing what you love!

Learn more and get your copy here:…

Thank you for your support!!!

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Before and After Photos in Boudoir – Why I Do It, and Why (Maybe) You Should Too

Few subjects spark a spirited debate among boudoir photographers quite like the concept of shooting (and showing) “before and after” photos of our clients. As you may have guessed from this blog’s title, I am all for it.


Boudoir before and after photos
The before and after photo that sparked this blog. My lovely client with the beautiful brown eyes.


My primary reasoning for shooting and showing before and after photos is that most “regular” women see the photos on my website and think “I could never look like that. Those women must be models. What the heck is she going to do with me?” But of course there’s more to it than that. There always is. Read on…

I swear to you, I’ve never had a single client express anything but positivity about the before and afters – citing them as what gave them the courage to finally take the plunge and book a boudoir shoot.  In fact, the only people from whom I’ve ever heard negativity surrounding before and after photos is some other photographers. Their objections usually go something like this: “Before and afters are like saying your client is ugly without your help.” Really??? Well, I guess the difference between those photographers and me is that I don’t think the before photos are ugly AT ALL. No, actually, the before photos are ME. I spend 85% of my life in no makeup, yoga pants, and depending on the weather, either a hoodie and sneaker, or a tank top and flip flops. And I certainly don’t think of myself as “ugly” 85% of the time. I simply believe that before photos represent the (quite lovely) everyday woman – the woman I see at the bank, at the grocery store, at the gym, at the playground with her kids. As for the after photos, well, they are simply representing another facet of that woman — a facet of herself that maybe she has never seen or explored… perhaps a facet that she forgot or neglected when she became a mom, a wife, a lawyer, a business owner, a caregiver… When we put on any of the myriad hats we as women wear, that sensual, gorgeous creature does not go away… She merely goes into hibernation. Even the most dedicated tomboy often has a bombshell inside her who wants to come out and play once in a while.

The truth is that every woman is multi-faceted: mother/vixen/wife/strong single woman/businesswoman/daughter/friend/photographer. Every woman is the physical being, the spiritual being, the emotional being, the sexual being. Every woman has her day-to-day reality, and her moments in fantasy. Every woman has her good days and bad, her ponytail and sweats days, and her glammed-to-the-gills days. All of our facets are beautiful. But most of us get bogged down in the day-to-day and don’t spend enough time celebrating the rest because our guilt and shame and societal pressures tell us it’s selfish and frivolous to do so. The “after” is the woman who lets go of that baggage for a day and revels in all her feminine glory.

Someone said to me, “I guess it’s all in how you spin it.” That may be oversimplified, but really, this debate is all about that place where intention meets perception. It is a guiding principle of human psychology that how people react to something is less about what it is than about what they are….or what they fear they are, whether or not that’s based in reality.


Boudoir Before and After Pics
A fellow boudoir photographer and workshop student who came back to me for her own sexy shoot. The bone structure on this woman! Swoon!


From a Woman’s Perspective

Interestingly enough, when my clients do sign model releases, I make the before and after an option they can check off or not. Most express explicitly and pointedly that they want me to show their before and afters, to give other women courage to do this for themselves. I get this reaction the most from more mature clients or plus-sized women. They tell me they think it’s very important to show that you don’t have to be a glamour-puss all the time to do this. Nor do you need to be 19 and a size 2. You just need to be a woman willing to do something nice for yourself and explore your sexual, sensual, glamorous side. Perhaps this sentiment has something to do with the fact that my demographic tends to skew a little older, and these women are a bit more comfortable in their skin (and therefore, more comfortable with how they look without makeup). I’m not sure, but I suspect this is the case, as I myself am much more comfortable without makeup at 45 than I was in my twenties.

My selfie game is tight. On the left, anyway… On the right, not so much.

I have shown my own before and afters as well. I would never ask something of my clients that I wouldn’t ask of myself. I have no shame in my game. There are photos of me all over the internet — in lingerie and in sweats, makeup and no makeup, pro pics and blurry mirror selfies. I have even used myself in a pair of selfies as a guinea pig to demonstrate the amazing difference made by one simple element of portrait photography – finding flattering camera angles. (The side-by-side to the right were bathroom selfies taken 5 seconds apart – same light, same hair, same makeup, same smirky half-smile, same iphone camera. Just a a different angle.)


From a Photographer’s Perspective

When I shoot a before photo of a client, I use the auto setting on my DSLR, put them in natural light, and take it like any snapshot… though I do tell my subjects that “It’s ok to smile, this is not a mug shot,” which almost always gets a laugh and a nice, natural smile. Doing it this way is not in any way intended to make them look bad. However, one benefit of this approach is that it clearly demonstrates the difference between pro photography and snapshots (even if it is still a $5000 camera taking that photo). In this world where everybody has a digital SLR and nifty editing apps, and professional photography is constantly being devalued, demonstrating this difference is a good thing. People need to be shown, not just told, to understand the impact that professional lighting, posing, expression coaching, hair and makeup, and an understanding of flattering angles can make. Prospective clients need to see the difference to see the value in what we can offer them as professionals. Otherwise, many people simply can’t understand why they would pay thousands (or even hundreds) of dollars for a pro session as opposed to asking a friend to snap a couple of cell phone shots… Or “hey, I’ll just do a sexy selfie.” When I show before and afters, I don’t have to convince anyone of that difference, or “sell” to them. The work speaks for itself.

Sure, I would like to think that the images speak for themselves without the before photo… but you know as well as I do how most people will give credit to the camera before they will recognize the photographer’s time, talent, and skill. They will likewise assume that it is the “model” who makes the shot beautiful… And while it is true that the subject is the focus of and reason for the image, only we as professionals know the work and expertise and fastidious attention to detail that it takes to make photographic magic. The before and after basically removes the “model and camera” from the equation, and demonstrates what exactly YOU, the pro, have to offer…and exactly why they should hire you.

Boudoir before and after plus sized
One of the winners of my “Colors of Naked” NON-Model Model Contest. She won a complimentary shoot, but ended up loving and buying all of her photos. Isn’t she gorgeous?


From a Business Person’s Perspective

There are two things every business person needs to do in order to effectively sell his or her product or service and brand:

  1. Present your offerings in a way that your target client can relate to.  If your prospect is intimidated or doesn’t understand what you offer, he or she will not buy into your brand or your service. Yes, you know that she will look beautiful, that she has more in common with your existing clients than not… but she doesn’t know that. The before and after shows her that, “hey, these ladies as just like me. If they can do it, so can I!”
  2. Solve a problem for your prospect. The before and after shows that you can solve her problem. What is the problem you are solving? Here it is: She has forgotten about herself, put herself last on her list. She misses the bombshell she once was (or the one she still hasn’t quite found the courage to be… or perhaps never even believed she could be, because she didn’t necessarily fit the media definition of beautiful or desirable.) She has spent such a long time wearing her other hats and doing for others that she feels she has maybe “let herself go.” She wants to feel glamorous and pretty, but she is afraid that only certain kinds of women are allowed to do that. She’s afraid that moms and wives and busy working women don’t get to enjoy that kind of thing – only rich celebrities. She wants to explore and celebrate her sexuality, but she is afraid of being shamed for it. But your before and after solved all of those problems for her, because it showed her that women just like her have gone for it…  By the mere fact that these women have been brave enough to take and post these photos, they’ve shown they they don’t feel guilty or ashamed of it either. No, they are proud. They look happy. They look beautiful. They radiate the feelings that she wants to feel for herself.


Ah, Katey!! This girl has gorgeous skin, killer curves, and is the reason the phrase "gives good face" was invented.
Ah, Katey!! This girl has gorgeous skin, killer curves, and is the reason the phrase “gives good face” was invented.

In closing, I am not going to tell you that shooting and showing before and after photos is the only way to be successful as a boudoir photographer. However, I will tell you that probably half of my clients tell me that my before and afters are the main reason they chose me over other photographers. And many of those also tell me that those photos were the reason they found the courage to do a boudoir shoot at all.

In the end, you have to decide for yourself whether before and afters are right for your business and in line with your personal values.


A 4-stage before and after photo of a boudoir client
A 4-stage before and after photo of a boudoir client

What do you think? (Please leave a comment below.)

Do you do before and after photos? If so, why? Do you feel they significantly impact your business? If not, why not? After reading this article, is your opinion on before and afters at all affected? Might you begin doing before and afters in the future? I look forward to reading your thoughts, and welcome all respectful comments. 🙂



Before and After Photos - Couples Boudoir
Before and After Photos even work for couples boudoir. No, I didn’t change her hair color. It’s all in the lighting, my friends! They were a very fun couple to shoot, and are personal friends.


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Shoot to Sell 2016 – Back by Popular Demand



It’s back, by popular demand…

With new goodies added to sweeten the boudoir pot.

Shoot to Sell 2016

with Natalie KitaBoudoir Photography Workshops by Natalie Kita

But first, let me ask you…

Do you want some serious next-level boudoir business-building ammunition?

Do you want to learn the secrets to creating raving brand evangelists out of nearly EVERY client who walks through your doors?

Do you want to work less and make more?

Do you want to get rid of the blocks that are keeping you from actually making a good living doing what you love?

Do you want to put a stop to your confusion and stop trying to reinvent the wheel?

Do you want to spend an entire day watching, listening to, and picking the brain of an industry leader?

Do you want to meet your posing challenges with confidence and KNOW you’re always going to make your clients look amazing?

Do you want to sell, sell SELL…without ever really feeling like you’re selling?

Do you want to add to your portfolio shooting two beautiful models in a gorgeous location?

— Workshop Syllabus —

Part I

  • Posing for variety, body flattery, and super-charged sales (This workshop will have two “NON-model models” – one of whom is plus-sized, so you can work on posing curves! And yes, everyone will get a signed model release so you can use your best workshop images in your portfolio!)
  • How to talk to your client about retouching in a way that minimizes her fears about her “trouble areas” and still reassures her she will look like herself
  • Pre-shoot communication, paperwork that helps your client relationships AND your bottom line
  • Specific things to say to your clients during the shoot that will have the client primed to SPEND at her image premier appointment.
  • How to approach the session to make even the shyest client super-comfortable so that her expressions result in highly-sellable images
  • Little details to watch for when shooting that can make or break the shot.
  • Super-simple tricks to use in shooting and editing to create even more variety that makes it super-hard to “narrow it down” when your client is selecting which images to buy. Simple solution: Buy them all!!!
  • Tips for creating images that appeal to both a woman’s heart AND the “male gaze” (After all, a boudoir photographer is usually trying to make both her AND him happy)
  • From Housewife to Hottie, Secretary to Siren, Librarian to Luscious Vixen: Creating magical transformations that will have your clients crying tears of joy and telling all their friends they HAVE to book you
  • Simple one and two-light set-ups that flatter women of all ages. (You’ll learn practical lighting methods that flatter the average woman, not just fitness and fashion models!)
  • When and why it’s ok to “fix it in Photoshop”

Part II

  • The exact steps I used to take my sales average from $700 to $3000 inside of six months, and to double my profits in one year’s time. This includes pricing strategies and secrets to in-person sales success, as well as a little bit of marketing and various other tips and tricks to attract the best kind of clients (the ones who VALUE what you do!)
  • SEO tips for the ever-changing-google world
  • What your website needs to win you clients who call ready to book!
  • Why it does NOT matter if you live in a small town, conservative town, poor town, etc. You CAN make a comfortable living as a boudoir photographer, no matter where you live!
  • Tips to overcoming buying objections before booking, as well as during your sales session
  • What to focus on in shooting and editing to turn your clients into raving fanatical brand evangelists for you.
  • Marketing tips for boudoir (contests, events, partnerships, charity donations, social media, adwords, G+, blogging, newsletters)
  • How to handle price-shoppers and price objections
  • Getting your clients to sign model releases!!!!

Part III 

  • I’ll take you through my signature “glam” style boudoir retouch.
  • The focus is on creating a high-end magazine-quality look, without spending a ridiculous amount of time per image or creating huge, bulky, unmanageable files. I will show you “quick and dirty” methods of getting amazing results that will practically FORCE your clients to buy every image…and creating those results in the least amount of time possible.
  • Of course, you are encouraged to use this framework to develop your OWN signature style.
  • Please note that this portion of the class may not be suitable for “purists” or people who take moral issue with using Photoshop to tweak the areas about which our clients are insecure. Photoshop is merely a tool, and like most tools has the potential to be used for both good and evil. I am confident we are doing good work here.

Part IV (optional)

Workshop attendees may book a photo shoot with your instructor (ME!) at 30-50% off my normal pricing (amount of discount dependent on location and timing of shoot in relation to workshop). Limited availability. First come, first served. Couples and dudeoir shoots available as well as traditional glamour and boudoir.

At the end of the day, you will walk away with:

  • Some great shots for your portfolio (These will be photos of women who more accurately represent your typical target clientele as a boudoir photographer – NOT size 0, 19 year old model types.)
  • My comprehensive 75-page boudoir/glamour posing guide (pdf). This no-fluff ebook will ensure you never get stuck for ideas again, no matter what your client’s age, body type, or comfort level.
  • The knowledge and inspiration to take your shooting and sales to the next level and grow your business.
  • Customizable digital copies of my client agreements and model releases. (WORD documents)
  • SEO cheat-sheet
  • A list of my favorite equipment, software, plug-ins, actions, vendors, website links, and programs that have been integral in growing my business and making me a happy camper in all that I do, professionally speaking.
  • Lifetime discount code for all workshop attendees – can be used toward planned future e-courses, webinars, and ebooks.
  • A sense of excitement, knowing you have the tools to do what you love in a way that actually lets you MAKE MONEY too

The Value of this entire package is as follows:

One full day of shooting and hands-on learning: $800

A copy of my boudoir posing ebook: $59

Business materials bundle: $59

Total VALUE: $918

This doesn’t even take into account the optional add-on discount on your own shoot with me! That could save you a couple thousand!

INVESTMENT for a spot in the workshop:

Only $300!!!*

**This is a savings of over $600, and is the lowest price I have ever offered on a workshop. I have a very specific reason for offering such an amazing deal — aa awesome surprise that will be unveiled during the workshop!)





You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to change your business and your life (not to mention your clients’ lives!)

I mean, you could…

You could keep doing the same things expecting a different result.

You could spend another several hundred (or thousand) dollars on a piece of gear that will never make you a dollar more or make your clients any happier.

You could sign up for another workshop and learn the kind of dramatic lighting that flatters fitness models but won’t do a thing for the average 45 year old size 14 soccer mom (aka, a typical PAYING boudoir client)

You could take another general online photography course that can’t possibly fully capture and address the emotional component and essential nuances of boudoir.

You could cling to your excuses about why you can’t even get people to pose for your portfolio, why nobody values or will pay for your work, why your situation is special and why “that won’t work” for you.

You could stay exactly where you are. Stay at the day job you hate, while you barely make pennies for your photography on the side and your family forgets what you look like because you’re always sitting at the computer editing.

You could give up entirely, deciding it’s just too hard, not worth it, or even impossible to make a living doing any kind of photography, let alone boudoir.




You could click “Buy Now” to get a full day of hands-on, in-person learning experience that addresses every aspect of making your clients happy, making a positive difference in their lives, and making a good (even great!) living doing only what you love, while still having time to spend with your loved ones. You could attend Shoot to Sell on March 5 in Las Vegas and walk away with the tools, mindset, and knowledge to make your dreams a reality.


***Due to time and space limitations, the nature of digital course materials, and the desire to make this a small and intimate workshop where everyone gets a chance to shoot and ask questions, there are no refunds of ticket purchases. However, if something happens so you can’t be at your scheduled workshop, you may sell/transfer your ticket or apply it toward a future workshop, THROUGH PRIOR ARRANGEMENT WITH NATALIE.

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What Do You Mean, “Magical Transformations?”

Since I announced my March 2016 Magical Transformations workshop, I believe there has been some confusion, especially since I have partnered with another very successful photographer who is teaching a completely different topic on day 1 of our two-day boudoir education intensive. Mistie Simone’s Business Boot Camp is relatively straightforward – she’s there to teach you to make more money in your photography business. But… Some of you are thinking, “Magical Transformations?… Huh??”2016-workshop-ad

First, let me clear up one misconception. You do not HAVE to attend both days. You can choose either Day 1 or Day 2 if you like. Mistie and I just happen to believe the two work synergistically well with each other, and we are offering a sweet deal to do both. If you’d like more info on the Business Boot Camp, please check out this post, and message me if you need more explanation. On the other hand, if you want to know more about exactly what I’ll be teaching during Day 2 (on March 9) with Magical Transformations, read on…

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  1. How to create an inner transformation for your client through rapport, feedback, and coaching during the session. This will not only get you the body language and facial expressions that make for gorgeous images, it will also have your client leaving you feeling like a new woman… and telling everyone who will listen how a shoot with you was life-changing for her!
  2. How to light, coach, pose, and style your shoot for mature women, plus-sized women, and shy “wall-flower” types. We all have those more challenging shoots. This will help. A LOT.
  3. How to use makeup and hair styling in a way that gives your client the glamorous effect she wants, while not making her feel silly or overdone. (And how to make sure she takes advantage of your makeover services in the first place!)
  4. How to retouch in a way that saves you time (and therefore makes you money!) while still wowing your client, taking away all the distractions that make her less likely to buy, and still keeping her looking like herself. Basically, I’m going to show you how to get a high-end magazine-worthy look, but without spending too much time and costing you money.
  5. How (and WHY) to set up, shoot, and share before and after shots that honor your clients while giving prospective clients the courage and confidence to pick up the phone and BOOK YOU. Like, NOW.
  6. How to get your paying clients to allow you to use their images in your marketing (and why that’s important).before-and-after-boudoir-glamour-photography-maryland-delaware

Here’s the thing. Almost anyone can make a professional model look good. So why take another workshop where you all shoot a pro model and end up with the same shots in your portfolio? With a tall, slender, flexible 19 year old, you can use all kinds of lighting and poses — many of which, frankly, will just not work on your average paying boudoir client.

If you want to shoot models (where you are usually either paying to shoot them or shooting them for free), this may not be the workshop for you. But if you want to learn how to make your paying clients (shy, plus-sized, mature, soccer mom, etc.) look and feel better than they ever imagined they could… If you want to make a difference in your clients’ self-confidence and experience the most rewarding shoots of your life… If you want to actually make a good living photographing women who truly appreciate and value what you give them… Then Magical Transformations might just be for you.

You CAN transform…

Your clients from moms/wives/working women into tantalizing temptresses…

Your posing challenges into easy flows that work for whatever body type you have in front of your lens…

Your retouching workflow into one that makes your clients ecstatic and frees up your precious time…

Your business from floundering to thriving…

Your bank account from overdrawn to overflowing…couples-boudoir-Before-After-photos


So, once more, Save The Dates: March 8 & 9. We are keeping class size small for more personal attention, so sign up before the spots are filled! Read more and register here.before and after mature boudoir sexy photography


PS I want to be clear that, though, this workshop curriculum will cover mainly what is listed here, it is also important to me to customize the instruction for the attendees needs. Once enrollment is filled up, I will be sending out a pre-survey to find out what you most want to learn from me, and will tailor instruction to meet those needs. Also, even though the business focus is on Day 1 with Mistie, there will also be time for Q&A on Day 2, where I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions, business-related or otherwise. A copy of my posing guide will be included for attendees, as well as a bundle of other digital goodies. In addition, workshop alumni will receive discounted rates for mentoring and for shoots with me.

PPS Please leave a comment below with any questions you may have about the workshop.before and after plus sized boudoir curvy

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Boudoir Business Intensive Course – 2-Day Workshop in Las Vegas, NV

Attention, Photographers!

WPPI is around the corner… Well, it’s still a few months away, but let’s face it, these are busy months for photographers, and it will be here before you know it. So let me ask you… What is WPPI to you? A chance to check out the latest and greatest gear? A networking opportunity? A big party? There is no wrong answer, but if you really want to get the most out of a big photography convention like WPPI, wouldn’t it be best spent learning how to get more clients, how to make your existing clients ecstatically happy (so they spread the word about you), and how to grow your business to a point where you make a happy, healthy, abundant living doing what you love?




Let’s be frank. You could be a great photographer. You could be artistic, creative, and a master of light… but you still might not be successful as a photographer. You still might need to count on money from a day job (or spouse’s job) to make it by… You might be only shooting TF with models and not have enough paying clients to really feel comfortable calling yourself a professional photographer… You might be wondering if you should call it quits or just keep offering lower and lower prices to compete with the seemingly hundreds of photographers in your town who are offering $79 boudoir shoots… Or you just may be stuck where you are, barely making it, not growing, working a hundred hours a week just to pay bills, and wondering why clients and prospects don’t see the value in what you do.

If you want to fix this, you need to do two things:

1.) You need to learn how to create and show work that convinces clients to book you.

There’s more to it the sentence above than just taking beautiful photos. Your photos have to accomplish a lot. They need to make the client feel that you and your work are approachable. She has to be able to mentally “project” herself into your images. She has to believe that the women you photograph are “just like her.” You need to be able to make a size 22 look as fabulous as a size 2, and a 55 year old just as sexy and vibrant as a 25 year old. What works for model-types is not usually the same as what works for “regular” women. If your portfolio is filled with flawless images of flawless women, you will scare away the women who will pay you for shoots. If you’re taking lighting and posing workshops where you only see models or “model-types,” while you may learn a lot you can apply to shooting commercial glamour photography, you will not learn the ways of lighting and posing that are specific to flattering mature women, curvy women, or even just your average soccer mom. These are your boudoir clients, not 19 year old models. If you want to be a boudoir photographer, you are not in it to impress other photographers. You are in it to celebrate and empower women…and to make money, right? But, you still want your portfolio to look great and show off your skills… So, how can you deal with both of these issues simultaneously? You need to learn to create magical transformations on every day women, and then you need to effectively show the world exactly what you do and why you’re worth every penny to do it.

2.) You need to learn how to be an effective and successful business person.

You need to figure out your REAL costs of doing business, and how much money you need to make to make a profit that allows you to live a comfortable life and still spend time with your loved ones. You need to learn how to value yourself and your work and get others to recognize your value as well. You need to learn how to market yourself effectively and have policies in place that ensure your profitability. You need to learn how to develop and maintain an abundance mindset, to stop apologizing for wanting to make a living as an artist, and to begin pricing your services deliberately and wisely. You need to learn how to identify and target your ideal client so that you attract and retain the best kinds of clients. You need to learn how to add value to your services without breaking your bottom line or cheapening your brand.



When you get these two pieces of the puzzle right, your business (and your life) will be absolutely transformed. And help is here.

Mistie Simone (of Little Black Dress Boudoir) and Natalie Kita (formerly of Get Shot Naked®, now of Natalie Kita – Boudoir, BOLDer™) are teaming up to bring you two solid days of life-changing education for photographers during WPPI 2016 in Las Vegas. Both of these instructors own successful and well-respected boudoir photography studios — Mistie on the West Coast, Natalie on the East Coast — and both have a passion for elevating our industry through education that makes us all better photographers as well as better business people. We are here to eradicate the “starving artist” mentality and show you that you can earn more with integrity, and that you deserve it.

These are both full-day intensive workshops, with small, intimate class sizes, so you will get personal one-on-one attention from Mistie and Natalie. In addition, both classes include a collection of awesome digital goodies you will take home with you to enhance both your shooting and your business.


warhol quote


Day 1 – March 8

Business Boot Camp with Mistie Simone

Forget everything you have ever done at a photography workshop. This is different. You won’t need your camera, or your lenses. There will be no women to photograph, and no lighting to learn. Instead this will be a full day devoted to learning how to master the art of running a financially successful business. It doesn’t matter if you have been in business for one week or ten years, if you’re an average photographer or a rock star. The only guarantee that you will make an abundant living doing what you love is by being a business owner first and an artist second.

This will be a full day, business and money intensive workshop. Mistie’s boudoir studio currently dies over $400,000 a year in sales, and is considered to be one if not the highest grossing boudoir studio in the world. You will learn:

How to change your mindset and eliminate your blocks

Everyone has blocks about something . Money, success, fear etc.. in this part of the class you will learn to identify and work through what’s holding you back from really being successful.

How to price for a profit in your market

Learning to value your business by charging what your worth not just what you think you can make. You will leave with a new price list ready to implement in your business and yes everyone’s will likely be different. Pricing is personal and no two businesses are ever exactly the same. Of course, this all starts with knowing your numbers. In this portion of the class you will go through a worksheet to really break down and identify exactly what your making or in most cases not making now, and what you want to be making. This can be an emotional eye opening and life changing part of the class. But it will be worth it.

How and where to effectively market

Marketing is everything. In this part of the class you will learn how to really market your business and see a return on investment. Mistie will go through marketing for all budgets ,and teach you how to get great marketing for free.

How to use Facebook to get clients

In this portion you will learn how to effectively use Facebook to increase your bookings and spread the word about your business to potential clients. You will learn step by step how to create successful Facebook ad campaigns, learn tips and tricks for getting ads approved and learn how to build a community of women instead of just random followers.

How to build your brand

Learn why having a clear brand matters. Still struggling to find yourself? In this portion of the class you will learn to create or define your brand to create a presence that is polorizing. Ensuring you attract more of the clients you want and less of the clients who aren’t for you.



A 4-stage before and after photo of a boudoir client


DAY 2 – March 9

Magical Transformations with Natalie Kita


Three very different NON-models will be brought in and taken through every phase of the magical transformation process. Natalie will begin with some brief instruction on hair and makeup. Yes, even though you may use a makeup artist/stylist or may not even offer these services in your studio, this is valuable information to you. Plus, what do you do if you have a MUA no-show? Cancel your shoot and lose that money along with your client’s trust? You need to understand the best ways to make your clients look and feel amazing, so you can communicate that to your MUAs and even to your clients. In this portion, we will also go over wardrobe choices designed to flatter the different body types of the women who will make up your real clientele. So many clients choose the absolute worst lingerie for their bodies. It’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen. Natalie will show you how. BONUS DIGITAL GOODIES: Students will receive Natalie’s customizable client wardrobe guide. 


The real magic begins, as Natalie leads you through exactly how to pose, light, and use camera angles to your clients’ advantage. You will learn to pose and light specifically for larger/curvier women, for more mature women, and for boudoir’s biggest (and often biggest-spending) demographic, the 35-45 year old “typical soccer mom.” You don’t need another class that shows you how to light models or gives you more “perfect” women to feature in your portfolio. You need to know how to make every client look amazing, and you need to show your prospective clients that you can do so by showcasing “regular” women looking gorgeous. In this section, Natalie will also address shooting (and culling) strategically for the kind of variety that leads to huge sales. BONUS DIGITAL GOODIES:Students will receive Natalie’s 75-page boudoir posing guide ebook. 


Natalie will demonstrate and discuss the whys, hows, dos, and don’ts of boudoir retouching. You will watch Natalie retouch real client images, step by step, so that you see the transformation process from start to finish on each of these different types of clients. You will be shown the secrets to easily and quickly creating flawless-yet-realistic skin, removing tan lines, adding drama and polish, and using liquify to smooth lumps, bumps, and bulges, while still staying true to your client’s real figure. Best of all, Natalie will teach you how to get a super high-end retouching look, while keeping your time spent editing in check.  BONUS DIGITAL GOODIES: Students will receive some of Natalie’s favorite boudoir retouching actions!


You’ll be shown the nuances of creating before and after transformation photos that give your prospects the confidence and courage to book you over your competition, even if you’re priced twice as high as the rest of the photographers in your area. This includes how to take a before photo that doesn’t look like a mug shot, but at the same time shows a dramatic difference between before and after. You’ll also learn how to choose the most effective “after” image, how to word your social media transformation posts and before and after gallery text, and how to get signed model releases from your clients in the first place. BONUS DIGITAL GOODIES: Students will receive Natalie’s customizable model release forms.

Please note: This is not a shootout or portfolio-building workshop. You will be given a chance to practice what you are learning, but the focus is on learning, not shooting.



While both of these classes are going to be amazing and transformational for you as a photographer by themselves, the best part is that, because we want you to address your photography business as a whole, and we believe you will be so much more successful when you have both pieces of the puzzle, we are offering an amazing deal when you commit to taking advantage of both of these information-packed days.




Just One Day 

(your choice of Business Boot Camp OR Magical Transformations)


Full 2-day Intensive Course 

(Business Boot Camp AND Magical Transformations)


(That’s a $300 savings!)


To make this decision even easier, we are offering payment plans for those who jump on the ball early:

For Both Days:

Initial Reservation Fee: $300

Payment 2, due by January 20: $450

Payment 3, due by February 20: $450

For Just One Day:

Initial Reservation Fee : $300

Payment 3, due by January 20: $250

Payment 4, due by February 20: $200



If you expect clients to value and invest in you and your work, you must value and invest in you and your business. Of all the things you spend money on as a photographer, consider this: Another lens, new backdrop, or fancy name-brand light is not going to get you more paying clients or bigger sales or a more recognizable brand… But learning how to shoot and show work that brings in real paying boudoir clients, learning how to give your clients images that can literally change their self-images (and therefore, their lives)? That absolutely will. And learning how to get your left-brain working together with your right brain so that you can actually make money doing the most wonderful job in the world? That will too.

You are worth it. Your dream to be a truly successful photographer is worth it. Your desire to make both money and art, while still getting to spend time with the ones you love – that is

definitely worth it.

**SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR AIBP MEMBERS ONLY: When you enroll in both classes, you will also get a a half hour headshot or mini-boudoir session with Natalie (with one finished digital file) during WPPI, plus a one-hour business mentoring Skype call with Mistie after WPPI.





2016 Boudoir Workshop

(Once you’ve made payment, you will be sent an email to complete registration for your class.)

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Fusion Video for Boudoir Photography Marketing – Finally Did It!

Well, I finally made the plunge and created my first “fusion” video to promote my boudoir photography business. And I have to say, I am really proud and happy with how it turned out. I feel like this video perfectly represents my brand, my art, and my client experience. It touches on all the important aspects of the service, experience, and images a client can expect from a photo shoot with me at Get Shot Naked®. The response has been incredible, in just the 12 hours since first posting.

There is no doubt that these types of videos are the “now” of the photography marketing world. In addition, they are an opportunity for photographers to really exercise your creative muscles and reignite your passion for your work. I admit, I was a bit late jumping on this bandwagon. I regret not doing it sooner. But honestly, I had never shot or edited video before in my life. Could I have hired someone to do it for me? Sure. But that’s not how my mind works. I need to immerse myself in the experience. I need to understand how it works, so that, in the future, even if I do hire someone to produce the next one, I’ll have a better understanding of the process.

So, how did I do it? Here’s the step-by-step:

Step 1: I had a colleague shoot a few behind the scenes shots of me doing makeup and shooting. I knew I only needed a few 2-5 second clips, so it was relatively quick and easy.

Step 2: I shot some sexy fluid posing sequences of a client won a contest (a condition of which was full signed model release including stills and video.) She was AMAZING! And to top it off, though she won her shoot and one digital file as part of the contest, she also made a nice sized purchase of her other images!

Step 3: Just 48 hours ago, I downloaded Adobe Premiere Pro​ for video editing and taught myself the bare minimum (using online video tutorials – gotta love YouTube!) of what I needed to know to produce the video clips I included. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, and Premiere Pro is included, so score! Then of course, I had a LOT of help from Animoto​ with their amazing video styles and their partnership with Triple Scoop Music.

Step 4: I spent two solid days of trial and error editing clips and cursing myself for missing major steps in the saving process and having to re-do a couple of the clips entirely. It’s astounding how much time it can take to make a 3-second clip look and behave the way you want it to.

Step 5: I searched for stock panned footage of makeup, lingerie, and accessories. I ended up deciding to shoot my own footage in my own environment. First of all, I felt it was more “honest” somehow, and second, I wasn’t really in love with any of the footage I found. None of it matched the vision I had in my head for what I wanted. I did use one free piece of stock footage for my camera flash effects. (I did edit the clip quite a bit in Premier Pro by shortening it and slowing it down, then adding one frame of a white matte at the end.)

Step 6: I edited the new footage.

Step 7: I uploaded the video clips to animoto, and selected a style and song from their library. (I didn’t like the first style I chose, so I tried another, and settled on the third one I tried. I use animoto for my client image reveal slideshows, so I already had an idea of which styles I like best.

Step 8: I created “sections” of the video by making text cards (right in Animoto).

Step 9: I uploaded stills that related to the sections and video clips, and arranged them in the order I wanted.

Step 10: Review, revise, review, revise…Lather, rinse, repeat…

Step 11: Render video and watch a bazillion times because I love it so much!

Step 12: Post all over social media, blog, and website!

I’d like to thank my gorgeous clients and friends who both inspired and starred in the video: Beth Claire​, Katey Cusack​, Donna Marie​, Kristen DeFranceschi​, Serena Carrillo​, Naomi Chadwick​, Vicky Strunk​, Brittany Grace​, Marianne Martino-Giosa​, Adrianna Rose, Dominique Giosa​, Laurenza Gina, Izabela Pioro​, Jessica Martin Nixon​, and Agnes Fohn​. Oh, and the video clips I’m actually IN? Those were shot by the wonderful Kayla Caine​ and Randy Goertzen of Seductions Boudoir in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan​!

So, without further ado, I give you The Centerfold Experience(TM) by Natalie Kita:

*The song featured in the video is “Oxygen,” by Stephanie Schneiderman; sound recording administered by: rumblefish; Used with license via Animoto Pro / Triple Scoop Music

One last thing: To be honest, there were a handful of people (fellow photographers in photography groups, not clients or prospective clients) who felt the video was too long. I’ sure some old-school advertising mavens would agree. And I’m sure some of you reading this are thinking, in this high-speed, over-stimulated, ADD, information age, people don’t have the attention span for a three-minute video. I respectfully disagree, and here’s why: First of all, there are 30-second commercials, and there are 60-minute infomercials. This falls in between. It’s not unheard of. Second, and most important, I know my target client. She is the kind of woman who will excitedly watch all the way to the end, and then hit replay, probably more than once. She is the type of woman who will invest in the experience. She is the type of woman who will fall in love with my work, not the type of woman who wants fast and cheap. I am not a fast food chain, and she is not a fast food customer. She wants lots of information, lots of visual stimulation. In producing a video to engage her, I need time to subliminally appeal to all of her reasons for wanting a boudoir shoot, as well as subliminally assuage any fears or hesitation. That’s a lot to ask of three minutes, let alone one.

So… If you’re considering taking the plunge into fusion video to promote your boudoir photography business, just do it. If a totally inexperienced videographer with a tremor and a crappy tripod can do it, so can you!

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East Coast Boudoir Photography Workshop – Natalie Kita’s First Ever – in New Jersey

I am thrilled to announce my very first East Coast Boudoir Photography Workshop, at the amazing Unique University at Unique Photo in Fairfield, NJ! The class is taking place May 16, from 10-6. As with my other workshops, it will be all about Shooting to Sell. Creating variety and figure-flattery through posing and lighting, and cultivating a rapport and ambience that encourages your clients to fill up albums with the gorgeous images you capture, and creates raving brand evangelists out of every woman who comes through your doors.

Class information and registration are available here:

There is an early bird special price for the first 5 people to register! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

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